SAT Prep: Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Students

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The SAT is an exam that many high-school students will take as a means of preparing for entry to college. In fact, many colleges across the United States require a minimum SAT score to be considered for admission, which can leave many students feeling understandably anxious about taking the sat prep sunnyvale in the first place. Fortunately, by following a few simple SAT prep tips, it’s possible for Sunnyvale students to do their best on the exam the first time around.

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Choose the Right Exam
Students should actually begin by taking sure that the SAT is the test they should be taking. After all, some colleges will request ACT scores instead. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do some research into the admission requirements at the schools one is considering applying to. From there, they can determine whether or not they even need to take the SAT.
Take a Practice Exam
If taking the SAT is a must, then it will be a good idea to take a practice exam as a means of pinpointing one’s areas of strength and weakness. Practice exams are available both in free online versions and paid ones, depending on the authenticity of the questions desired. Figuring out one’s weaknesses is a good place to start in terms of figuring out where to focus one’s studying efforts.

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Hire a Tutor or Test Prep Expert
It’s never a bad idea to consider working one-on-one with a tutor or SAT preparation expert; these people will be able to review practice exams and get to better know the student in order to make recommendations tailored to his or her needs. For example, a student who struggles with math and has test-taking anxiety may be tutored specifically in math and provided with tips for combating test-taking anxiety on the big day.

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Look for Wrong Answers
Finally, when all else fails and the answer to a particular SAT question is unknown, the best thing one can do is to look for answers that are obviously incorrect. This can help them narrow down the possibilities and increase one’s chances of answering the questions correctly, even if the response is mostly a guess.
Taking the SAT can be a stressful experience, but by keeping these tips in mind, anybody can do their best. Also, the SAT can be re-taken, so those who are unhappy with their original scores can also give it another try.

Parents Can Find Solid Help For Their Teens About to Take the SAT

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Parents with college bound high school students know that their child feels a great deal of stress, placing a large emphasis on their SAT scores so they can get into the college of their dreams. The parents want to help their child fulfill their dreams, but they might not know how to help them on their own. Thankfully, loving parents can find help and support for their child for SAT prep Sunnyvale. Once the child has a better ideal of what they need to know and what will happen on the day of the test, the more they can relax, study and go into the official test with confidence.

Where Can Parents Look to Find a Person or a Facility to Help Their Child Prepare for the SAT?
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Parents might find a person or a training center through various means and in various forms. For many families, it is best to find a learning facility that can help them on multiple fronts. Maybe they have more than one child, and one of the younger children struggles with mathematics. It might prove helpful to have one central location in whom parents can place their trust. With that, parents will have educational resources available for each child, at any time.
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Working within a facility, parents can choose from a variety of learning options for their child. If parents believe their child might train better for the SAT at home in their kitchen, many facilities will send experts to families’ homes. Other times, parents and students might think it’s best that the test emulate the overall atmosphere of the actual testing circumstances. So, whether students feel they can excel better at home or on-campus is up to them.

Why Do Students Need Special Training and Studying for the SAT?
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Many times people assume that, just because a student has high grades at school, the SAT should come easily to them. However, that is often not the case. Whether it is a matter of students not testing well, in general, or that a student places such a high priority on the SAT; the test can weigh heavily on their mind until they survive it and come through on the other side. With the right preparation in the math, English, reading and science portions of the test, even students who ordinarily test poorly can work through their issues and do well.

Applying for College

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Students work hard to stay in school and learn materials for a brighter future. However, once high school is over, many are left floundering in their drive and plan for the future. Some students choose to pursue jobs directly out of high school, looking to make a career in a blue collar industry job or learn a trade. Most find it difficult to get job that pays enough to fully support themselves or a family without a postsecondary education.

Getting into College

Students who choose to take a path towards higher learning must first apply to colleges in order to be accepted into the program. Some colleges have open policies for their acceptance, allowing a vast majority of students, while other colleges are highly selective in their acceptance rates. Students are sometimes afraid to try to gain acceptance into the higher caliber of schools, concerned they are not worthy of being there and will be denied access.

Proving Capabilities for Higher Education

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Students who want to apply to a college or university typically have to provide proof of academic ability. This may come in the form of their GPA (grade point average) from the high school they attended or their SAT scores, placing them on a spectrum of student expectations. In order to get higher standardized testing scores on the SAT, many students attend SAT prep Sunnyvale.

Students typically present colleges with their transcripts or GED results, SAT results and other information about their educational experience. To boost their profile as a valuable student, most will participate in school athletics, clubs, advanced classes, volunteer in the community and more.

Applying to Multiple Schools

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Because school program acceptance is not guaranteed and financing options vary between schools, most students apply to multiple schools and weigh their options. Within weeks of applying, a student will find out what schools he or she has been accepted into and can proceed with considering available programs, commute or living options, and expense.

Covering Tuition

The cost of college has skyrocketed over the past few decades. Many schools offer their top candidates full- or partial-ride scholarships to cover tuition, room, and board expenses. Financial aid from the government is also available for students who come from lower income families and military families in the form of grants or low-interest loans.

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For students who need additional funds, third-party scholarships are available in varying amounts and with varying requirements for candidates.

The Importance of SAT and ACT Scores for College

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Around the time students enter their Junior year of high school, the pressure to choose their career and future college becomes intense. Depending on the area of the country, students will also be taking either the ACT test or the SAT test. It’s unwise to take either of these tests without any preparation. Even for the brightest of students, it’s rare that the test scores will not be improved by studying and taking practice tests before the actual exam date.

SAT prep Sunnyvale, Ca might include tutoring or prep programs specifically for the SAT test. In some cases, students will opt to study on their own with the help of resources such as online practice tests and booklets.

What’s the Difference Between the SAT and ACT?

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First, both tests are accepted at most colleges and universities – and some students are more inclined to score better on one test than the other. The ACT is more of an achievement test; it measures what the student has learned during his school coursework. ACT questions tend to be straightforward but it tests more advanced math concepts and does have a science section. ACT scores are measured by how many questions are answered correctly, so guessing is preferable to leaving a blank answer. The ACT also has a writing portion, but it is optional.

The SAT test is heavily vocabulary based, so students who are excellent with English and language are likely to do well. The essay portion on this test is mandatory and the questions are not as cut and dry as the ones on the ACT, so they may require more thought. There is no science section on the SAT test and this test is more geared to learn the student’s aptitude rather than directly relating to coursework.

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The SAT is often read broken into sections, meaning that college admissions might look at how well a student performed in specific areas, where ACT scores are often read as a composite.

Which Test to Take

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For some colleges and Universities, SAT is the preferred test, but most colleges will take either. Choosing which test to take might be a matter of looking at the student’s academic strengths and going from there.

SAT Test Tips for Those With Test-Taking Anxiety

Test-taking anxiety affects many people and can be downright debilitating come test day. For those who suffer from test-taking anxiety, the good news is that there are many steps that can be taken to help ease anxiety without necessarily needing to turn to medications for help.

Don’t Cram the Night Before

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These tips can be especially helpful for high school students preparing to take a major standardized test, such as the ACT or SAT.

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One of the biggest mistakes people make that can make test-taking anxiety even worse is that of waiting until the night before a big exam to start studying. Not only does cramming the night before a test result in sleep loss (which can affect focus and alertness), but it’s not likely to be as effective as studying over a prolonged period of time (such as weeks or months).
Instead, test-takers should begin studying for an exam at least a few weeks before, and should also take advantage of ACT and sat prep Sunnyvale courses offered. This allows one to go into the test with more confidence.

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Skim the Test Right Away

On test day, when the tests are distributed, it’s also a good idea to skim the entire test right away to get an idea of what’s there and how much pacing will be required to complete the test on time. Furthermore, anxiety can be reduced by getting a better idea of what’s on the test. This way, there are no surprises that can cause further anxiety as one moves through each section of the test.

Turn to Exercise

In the days before the test, it’s common to feel some level of stress. To help combat that in a healthy way, test-takers are encouraged to get plenty of exercise. Not only does exercise naturally help combat stress, but it can also help those who often suffer from sleeplessness in the nights before a big exam.

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Going for a run, getting on an exercise bike, or lifting weights are all great forms of exercise before an exam. Anything that gets one’s heart pumping is fine, though.
Overall, while there may be no way to completely rid oneself of test taking anxiety, the good news is that there are plenty of steps that can be taken to help reduce anxiety and improve overall performance.

What Do Colleges Look for in New Students?

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Graduating high school students face many challenges in entering the college of their choice. As the number of students attending university increases, there is greater competition to gain entrance into top schools. This can put greater pressure on Sunnyvale students to perform well on their SAT exams. Although SAT scores alone are not the sole indicator of college admissions, they do play an important role in helping students get into the college of their choice. The following gives greater insight into the various factors college admission boards look into when choosing new students.

High School Curriculum

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Most colleges peruse a student’s transcript to get an idea of their high school academic training. A student who has done well in a challenging curriculum or received honors in advanced placement classes is sure to be noticed. Good grades are a sign of strong effort on a student’s part, especially in a program that’s more demanding.

SAT and ACT Scores

SAT and ACT scores also carry weight when it comes to being admitted into a college or university. Ideally, they should reflect what the student has learned in his high school education. SAT prep Sunnyvale can help students fortify their weak areas in order to do well on SAT exams. There are various benefits to preparing in advance for SAT exams. SAT prep helps students review what they have learned which gives them greater confidence in their academic training. The extra practice also helps to relieve some of the pressure when it comes time to taking the real exam.

Activities, Community Service and Work Experience

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In addition to good grades and high test scores, colleges look for students who demonstrate leadership, teamworking and personal development skills. A student’s participation in school activities, community service and/or after school employment will give an indication of how he or she interacts with others, shows initiative and handles responsibility. It also reveals his or her level of maturity.


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Many colleges ask that students write a college entrance essay as part of their admissions requirements. These essays provide valuable insight into a student’s character, personality, vision and goals. Students should put considerable thought and care into what they write. A well written college essay can go a long ways towards influencing admission officers in a positive way.

Knowing what to expect from college entrance boards can help students better prepare to fulfill their admission requirements and get accepted by the college they desire.

Do SAT Scores Really Matter?

In a time where so many judgments are made sight unseen, there are only so many things a college applicant can do to make their application stand out from the competition. Today, more than ever, SAT scores can make a hopeful applicant rise above the other worthy candidates. SAT scores say with cold hard numbers exactly how well an applicant scored.

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sat prep sunnyvaleAccording to the admissions director at Yale, academic strength is the first consideration when looking into an applicant. Recent test scores for successful applicants for Yale were in these ranges: verbal 710-800, math 710-790 and, writing 720-800. Clearly high test scores are vital, but the key to improve SAT scores significantly is more than simply studying extra.

One on one tutoring with professionals who have aced the SAT test themselves is key to improving test scores by more than just a margin. Professional SAT tutoring companies have been under fire lately because there are some companies out there that just regurgitate information available in test prep books without teaching their students anything they could not get themselves.

What to look for in a quality SAT tutoring service:

  • The student is engaged in learning. If they are just going to go over test prep booklet material, there is no point. A good tutoring service will actually engage the student in learning in a hands-on way.

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  • Learning can be student-led. Improving test scores is so much more than just cramming information into the brain. Each student has their own learning style, and once an individual’s learning style is established it will be easier for them to retain the information taught daily.
  • In addition to offer real knowledge and catering to a student’s learning style, a good tutoring center will offer hands-on knowledge with insider tips on how to take a particular test. A tutor who has taken a recent version of the test can impart vital tips for improving test scores, such as how much time to allocate, and how to stick to it when it gets tedious.

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For parents searching for quality SAT prep Sunnyvale, they should make sure that the program is geared towards actual learning not simply regurgitating test booklet information. On the same note, information related directly to the test is vital for success. Colleges on all levels look at SAT scores, and one-on-one tutoring can improve scores significantly when the student is driven and the program is quality.